Posted on February 15, 2019 in Moving House

Moving A Baby Grand Piano? Brisbane’s Best Choice For Removalists

Moving A Baby Grand Piano? Brisbane's Best Choice For Removalists

Moving a baby grand piano is certainly not a one person job. Weighing between 220 and 360 kilograms and a very delicate and valuable item, engaging Xtra Care Removalists as your baby grand piano Brisbane based mover is your best bet. You’ll avoid damage and injury when you hire our experts to move your prized piano.

Moving a baby grand piano from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is complex

Unlike moving a TV cabinet or a table, the process of moving a baby grand piano is complex. From the pre-move inspection and taking apart the piano to conquering slopesand stairs, much care and know-how is needed. Once the pre-move inspection is complete, the baby grand piano is taken apart and carefully wrapped with blankets and plastic covers for safe transit. In addition to the piano body, we wrap the bench, the piano lid, the lyre, the pedals and each leg is removed and wrapped. We never move a piano on its castors because these are only for decorative use. The baby grand piano is then carefully manoeuvred by two men onto the piano trolley, laying on its side, supported by a piano case and secured with trolley straps.

What if I have stairs?

For single-story dwellings, the move to the truck is certainly easier. However, double storey dwellings with stairs are much more challenging. We do not manually lift the piano down the stairs; that is too risky and involves unnecessary lifting. Instead, we use our stair climbers and trolley ramps. To get the baby grand piano into the back of the truck, we use the hydraulic loader fitted to our truck. Once the piano is raised, we carefully move it into the back of the truck and secure it in place. Our trucks are all fully enclosed, and your piano will not get wet or damaged in the case of bad weather. We cannot recommend professional piano removals enough, not because it’s what we do but because we know the risks involved when it’s done by people without experience or the correct equipment. Just imagine not having your family’s beloved baby grand piano in your home because it was badly damaged during a move!It’s our speciality to move your baby grand piano, Brisbane and beyond, using the utmost care. It’s important to your family so it’s important to us.

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