Posted on November 23, 2018 in Moving House

Watch Out For These Traps When Reading Brisbane Removalists Reviews!

Looking for the best Brisbane removalists? Reviews can tell you quite a lot! Here’s what to beware of. A savvy customer like you likes to prepare ahead of time. You organise removal dates well in advance and you get everything packed up and boxed up tight instead of leaving everything to the last minute. You know that moving can be stressful and you want the process to be made as easy as possible.
But have you read up on your Brisbane removalists reviews? How do you know the company YOU chose will do the job you’ve asked them to do?
Here’s a guide on what to beware of when it comes to choosing removalists, Brisbane Northside.

Timing getting blown out

Lots of Brisbane removalists reviews will discuss time. As the customer, you’re locked into moving on a specific day at a specific time. You negotiate a two-hour window and then sit, ready to go, for… HOURS and HOURS.
Some removalist companies really don’t seem too fussed by how stressful your moving day is or the impact that it has on your plans if your waiting time gets completely blown out. Technicians are held up, the friends and family helping you are inconvenienced and you’re anxious and worried.
Many removalist companies seem to stick to specific hours of business which doesn’t allow a lot of flexibility for busy families and couples. XTRACare Removalists have extended hours of operation which allows you to live your life to the fullest while leaving your precious belongings in safe, professional hands. The team members involved in your house moving operation have been hand picked AND receive regular performance reviews – so you know they’re good!

Rough handling

What was that crash?! Watch out for the Brisbane removalists reviews that talk about personal items being squashed, smashed and trashed by uncaring teams. Soft things ruined underneath hard and sharp items, crockery thrown in the back of the truck and artwork damaged!
XTRACare Removalists like to give their clients little extras. They’re full of surprises like providing extras for safe packing (think bubble-wrap and packing boxes), a packing service and an unpacking service when you get to the other end! Too easy.

Piling on the stress

Read those reviews. Phone calls unanswered? Miscommunication? Huge waiting times? Damage? Arriving unprepared? All of these things are stresses that you just don’t need! Bigger companies don’t care about little guys like you – shop around until you find the company that will go the extra mile to make your big day a breeze.

Read the Brisbane removalists reviews? Now choose a company who cares about you. Contact XTRACare Removalists Today For Your Free Quote!