• You Won’t BELIEVE These Moving Fails!

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    Moving fails; they’re not just the stuff of nightmares, they’re real, and they do happen if you cut corners and don’t get a professional to move your home or office.

    There’s so much more to moving furniture than people think. Not only does it require strength but, it requires experience, know-how and the right equipment. To move furniture efficiently and safely you need to know how to pack a truck properly, how to lift and lower furniture, how to safely move heavy furniture from upper levels, what type of equipment to use to aid the moving process and have a good understanding of cause and effect.

    The fact is, Australians move a lot. The last census confirmed that almost half of the population moved house within five years and one in every six had moved in the past twelve months. Considering that moving house is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life, moving that often, and on your own, is likely to get the blood pressure rising.

    If you have been considering a DIY move with your ute and trailer or even hiring a truck, these moving fails might make you reconsider.

    How to avoid moving fails by working with the pros

    Use professional piano movers to avoid unnecessary damage to a very expensive and often sentimental item. 

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    <H3>Use professional furniture removalists to avoid damage to your personal vehicle and your whitegoods. </H3>



    <H3>Use professional furniture removalists to avoid the risk of serious injury. </H3>

    moving fails












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    moving fails











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    moving fails









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    Use professional removalists who can help you plan your move and get you out of a pickle or two. 

    moving fails













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    Consider professional packing and unpacking services to avoid a moving nightmare. 

    moving fails










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    Not a confident truck driver? Avoid truck rental and leave your home or office move (and the truck driving) to the professionals.








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    We know South East Queensland like the back of our hand and won’t get you stuck like these guys

    Moving Fail

    As professional removalists, we take the care of your belongings seriously!

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    Moving Fails: you don’t have to be one them!

    We understand that many people opt to move by themselves with good intentions, but we also know how quickly a DIY or cheap move can turn ugly. It’s not worth pushing the boundaries of what is safe and practicable just to save a dollar or two. Feel free to laugh at these moving fails we’ve shared but don’t let it be you!

    Call Xtra Care Removalists TODAY to discuss your FAIL-FREE move!

  • Need A Moving Company, Sunshine Coast? Here’s What Sets Us Apart

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    read more

    The Sunshine Coast is diverse – the hinterland, the suburbs, the beachside.  If you’re moving to this sought after region, it certainly pays to use a moving company Sunshine Coast residents recommend.

    The moving company for Sunshine Coast

    Xtra Care Removalists know the Sunshine Coast.  We know the safest routes through the Sunshine Coast hinterland, we know the quickest and easiest route through Sunshine Coast suburbs, and we’ve also carried out numerous moves in and out of the Sunshine Coast’s many high rise apartments.

    If you’re not a local but are moving to the Sunshine Coast, we will be your guide. We know where new developments and roadworks are and what to avoid. We know that peak hour traffic on the Bruce Highway is a nightmare on weekdays, weekends and during the school holidays and will do our best to avoid the traffic and save you as much time as possible.  

    The extra bits to make your move easier

    Perhaps you live on the Sunshine Coast and have to commute to and from Brisbane, leaving you very time-poor. That’s where we can really help. We offer packing and unpacking services to save you time and supply packing materials including boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

    We’ve got this 

    Are you wondering how all of your belongings, including your prized piano, are going to get from your upper-level beachside apartment to the ground floor in one piece?  We’ve got all the necessary equipment to safely lift, push, pull and lower your belongings, including trolleys, straps, hydraulic loaders, ramps and stair climbers.

    “Awesome service! The guys were quick and knew how to handle our awkward move into an apartment. Made our first time moving into an apartment very easy and stress free! Will be booking again! Thanks guys!” – Brooke Taylor

    Why choose Xtra Care Removalists?

    Of course, you might be wondering why you’d choose Xtra Care Removalists over one of the much larger companies for your Sunshine Coast move. Our difference is the personal service we provide from start to finish. We’re experts at what we do, not just removalists trying to earn some extra cash on the weekends.  We’ve been moving homes and offices for a while and know what it takes to work efficiently.

    Whether you’re moving a short or long distance, we still approach each move in exactly the same way. Maroochydore to Mudjimba or Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, your move is customised to your needs (because no move is the same) and you’ll always be kept in the loop. Most importantly, as a small business, we don’t treat anyone like just another number, we pride ourselves on customer service and being welcoming from start to finish because it’s what everyone deserves.

    Seeking a reputable moving company? Sunshine Coast residents love Xtra Care Removalists. Contact Us for a quote TODAY!


  • How Well Do You Really Know Your Local Movers

    February 28, 2019 | by
    How Well Do You Really Know Your Local Movers Brisbane? read more

    It’s moving day and you’re stressed. Rain is imminent and your movers are late. There’s nothing quite like being behind schedule before the day has even begun.Just when you think you have every last detail arranged and ready to go, you are left twiddling your thumbs wondering if your local movers in Brisbane are actually going to show up. You’ve called, no answer. You’ve left messages, no answer. All you can do now is wait.

    Not all removalists are equal

    We’ve spoken about it before, researching your removalist anreading all the reviews is crucial. And yet, so many customers come to us because they have posted in Facebook groups looking for a cheap job from Joe Blow with a Ute, only to be left disappointed and scrambling for last minute local removalists that can get the job done. Xtra Care saves the day! 

    Xtra Care Removalists understand budget and time constraints as well as treating your property with the respect and care it deserves. We pride ourselves on this.  

    Moving day horror stories

    We recognise that you want reassurance from your removalist that your antique furniture is not going to be damaged and your couch is not going to be torn by a broken mirror that’s just been thrown on top. Here are a few horror stories we have heard from customers about ‘cheap’ movers in Brisbane.

    • The movers didn’t show up even after paying the deposit
    • Charged extortionate extra costs after the move
    • Only showed up with one man and required help from customer
    • Was hours late with no communication or explanation
    • It rained so the removalist decided that they would not attend the job and cancelled on the day
    • Property and walls were damaged by removalists with no compensation or attempt to fix

    Your go-to local movers Brisbane

    Knowing the areas of Brisbane and surrounds is vital in delivering top quality moving services. Your removalist needs local knowledge of the buildings and streets for accessibility and limitations of the area. tra Care understands that not everything will always go according to plan on moving day but our dedication to customers, affordability and work ethic is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our team is committed to making your relocation easy and stress-free. Xtra Care Removalists are your local movers Brisbane trusts!

    Don’t wait until a worst case scenario happens to you, get a FREE quote from Xtra Care Removalists today!

  • Moving A Baby Grand Piano? Brisbane’s Best Choice For Removalists

    February 15, 2019 | by
    Moving A Baby Grand Piano? Brisbane's Best Choice For Removalists read more

    Moving a baby grand piano is certainly not a one person job. Weighing between 220 and 360 kilograms and a very delicate and valuable item, engaging Xtra Care Removalists as your baby grand piano Brisbane based mover is your best bet. You’ll avoid damage and injury when you hire our experts to move your prized piano.

    Moving a baby grand piano from Brisbane to the Gold Coast is complex

    Unlike moving a TV cabinet or a table, the process of moving a baby grand piano is complex. From the pre-move inspection and taking apart the piano to conquering slopesand stairs, much care and know-how is needed. Once the pre-move inspection is complete, the baby grand piano is taken apart and carefully wrapped with blankets and plastic covers for safe transit. In addition to the piano body, we wrap the bench, the piano lid, the lyre, the pedals and each leg is removed and wrapped. We never move a piano on its castors because these are only for decorative use. The baby grand piano is then carefully manoeuvred by two men onto the piano trolley, laying on its side, supported by a piano case and secured with trolley straps.

    What if I have stairs?

    For single-story dwellings, the move to the truck is certainly easier. However, double storey dwellings with stairs are much more challenging. We do not manually lift the piano down the stairs; that is too risky and involves unnecessary lifting. Instead, we use our stair climbers and trolley ramps. To get the baby grand piano into the back of the truck, we use the hydraulic loader fitted to our truck. Once the piano is raised, we carefully move it into the back of the truck and secure it in place. Our trucks are all fully enclosed, and your piano will not get wet or damaged in the case of bad weather. We cannot recommend professional piano removals enough, not because it’s what we do but because we know the risks involved when it’s done by people without experience or the correct equipment. Just imagine not having your family’s beloved baby grand piano in your home because it was badly damaged during a move!It’s our speciality to move your baby grand piano, Brisbane and beyond, using the utmost care. It’s important to your family so it’s important to us.

    Need to move a baby grand piano? Brisbane specialists Xtra Care can help! Contact us TODAY!

  • Moving House in Caloundra –What We Know About Where You Want to Go

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    If you’re moving house in Caloundra, you need to choose the right people to help out. Here’s what you need to know about where you’re going –and how you’re going to get there! read more

    Caloundra truly is the jewel in the crown of the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Blessed with gorgeous, calm beaches (and some surf beaches too) with a relaxed almost counter-culture that says NO to the hustle and bustle of the bigger towns, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and spend a lifetime.If you’re moving house in Caloundra, you’ll wantto know what’s available for families, couples and singles alike. Here’s what we know about where you’re going.

    Honey, we’re moving to Caloundra!

    Caloundra itself is a mecca for sun-seeking tourists who want a carefree vibe and affordable holiday options. While Caloundra has that in spades, it’s also an excellent place to settle down and start to grow your roots. Moffat, Kings and Shelly Beach all offer great opportunities to unwind and enjoy the very best of costal living. They’re littered with divine eateries, unique shops and play spots that make the heart sing (without hurting the wallet). There are schools and many employment opportunities in this growing locale. The suburb of Aroona is a key spot for growing families that promises eventual access to the proposed rail line from Beerwah to Maroochydore. This is a great area that shows a lot of growth potential.Caloundra West contains a retirement village as well as Unity College. Little Mountain holds within its borders a number of neighbourhood parks and a bushland reserve, while Caloundra South is expanding quickly with master-planned community development on the horizon.

    Corridor to the Sunshine Coast

    Caloundra is beautiful but if you’re looking for a day trip to somewhere further afield, it’s a great position to have as your home base.Mooloolaba’s Sea Life (formerly Underwater World) is a tourist attraction that has surprised and delighted families for generations. The weaving underwater walkway, the touch pools of sea life, the seal show and the play area combine to make this a fantastic destination and a cool way to spend a day.Heading up the Sunshine Coast, you’ll have access to Maroochydore, and further afield, Noosa and all that it entails as a destination. Perfect in summer, gorgeous in winter. The Sunshine Coast truly is God’s country.

    Moving house in Caloundra

    You need removalists who know where they’re going –and not just in a navigational sense! Choose a company that truly listens to and understands the individual requirements of your move -not someone who’ll just throw your belongings in and wave good bye. Choose a company with local ties and local interests at heart.

    Moving house in Caloundra? Contact XTRACARE today for a free quote.

  • Furniture Removalists Brisbane and Beyond – The Xtra Care Difference

    January 28, 2019 | by
    Furniture Removalists Brisbane and Beyond – The Xtra Care Difference read more

    Whether by choice or necessity, moving home is stressful and anxiety-inducing. In fact, Thrive Global rank moving house at number seven on their list of ten of life’s most stressful events.  When you have no choice in the matter, you simply have to just get on with it but it’s how you ‘get on with it’ that really matters – and when choosing furniture removalists, Brisbane residents should think carefully about which company to go with. The right choice can make all the difference!

    Not all furniture removalists in Brisbane are made equal

    You see, not all furniture removalists are made equal. There are some big removalists where you’ll be made to feel like a number with limited personal service, there are some who will give you a great price but absolutely no customer service and then there are others who you pay hourly to stand around talking and going as slow as they possibly can. In addition to planning your move, packing, transportation, unpacking, cancelling utilities, connecting new ones and the emotional stress of moving from a long time home to a new area, a removalist who’s not completely focused on the customer is the last thing anyone needs for a move.

    How to remove the stress-factor of moving day

    Xtra Care Removalists fill the customer experience gap and go over and above to remove the stress factor from moving home or office. With 10 vehicles in our fleet and availability via email or phone seven days a week, we don’t make it difficult to perform big or small moves nor do we make it hard to discuss them and give you peace of mind.

    We get it – moving home or office is just an inconvenient part of life but, with Xtra Care Removalists, it doesn’t have to be. We have various services available to make a move as convenient as possible, particularly for those who can’t afford to stop running a business, for those who work long hours or those who simply want to save their hard-earned leave for a holiday instead of packing boxes or moving house.

    Xtra Care Removalists offer added convenience with:

    • After hours removal services
    • Professional packing and unpacking services
    • Packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap and tape
    • Pre-move office inspection to plan an undisruptive move


    Check out our full list of services HERE.

    There’s no need to dread moving day with Xtra Care Removalists. You can rely on us to turn up on time, with clear communication before, during and after the move. You can rely on us for expert advice and to work quickly and efficiently but always with the utmost of care for your belongings. Not familiar with your new suburb? Not to worry, our removalists know South East Queensland like the back of their hands.

    And once Xtra Care Furniture Removalists Brisbane have completed your move, it’s not ‘goodbye’ –  follow-up is important to us, too. Customer experience matters – it’s just another way we take Xtra Care of you!

    Keen to experience the Xtra Care difference? Choose the furniture removalists Brisbane can rely on! Call us today on 0416 351 429 


  • The Best Moving Companies Brisbane Has To Offer? You Need Xtra Care!

    January 20, 2019 | by



    Is bigger always better? Read on to find out why when it comes to moving companies, Brisbane can rely on Xtra Care Removalists for a superior moving experience.

    Here at Xtra Care Movers Brisbane, we’re positive that our moving company is the best in South East Queensland. While there may be other companies out there with a bigger reputation, none of them offer the excellent level of service we pride ourselves on. Our business might be smaller, but our hearts are mighty. Read on to find out why when it comes to moving companies, Brisbane can rely on us!

    What we offer

    While other moving companies might be more select in the types of homes or businesses they’ll work with, here at Xtra Care, there is almost no home or office we can’t move. Whether it’s a small studio apartment, standard office set up or a multi-storey mansion, our dedicated, knowledgeable team of movers aim to relocate your belongings safely. We are always as thorough as possible in our assessment of each move we do. We also aim to be flexible in providing top quality service to our customers when and where they need it – we’re even contactable online or by phone 7 days a week. What other local moving company can say that?

    What sets us apart

    High quality customer service is paramount to Xtra Care. We strive to make the moving process as painless as possible – and let’s face it, moving is already a stressful enough process! From your initial booking to moving day, our experienced movers will provide that XTRA level of care that is sure to ease the worry that comes with moving – and, hopefully, put a smile on your face.

    Xtra Care Removalists offers 7 days a week service that you just won’t find in many other moving companies in South East Queensland. We have a 10 vehicle fleet of movers, which means that we can be as flexible as you require when it comes to moving time. We offer after hours services and aim to fit in with your busy lifestyle.

    We all know that packing is an absolute nightmare and there are so many horror stories out there of moving companies taking no care whatsoever with the precious valuables of their clients. Here at Xtra Care, our clients aren’t just jobs – they’re people. We offer a range of fantastic packing services, including boxes and bubble wrap, to help make your life that much easier when it comes to moving. You can rest assured that your belongings arrive safe and sound in your new home or office – and THAT is what sets us apart.

    Contact Xtra Care Removalists for a free quote or call on 0416 351 429

  • Thinking of Moving to Sandgate? Here’s What You Need to Know!

    January 7, 2019 | by
    Thinking of moving to Sandgate? Discover a more relaxed lifestyle with gorgeous sea breezes and a wonderful coastal community vibe.


    Are you thinking of moving to Sandgate? Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a more relaxed lifestyle with gorgeous sea breezes and a wonderful coastal community vibe? Sandgate is ‘shorely’ the place for you! With wonderful local primary and high schools, a great local pool and library service, and dozens of excellent cafes and restaurants, Sandgate is one of Brisbane’s best suburbs to live in. Read on to find out more!

    Why choose Sandgate?

    Sandgate is a suburb full of character. From the gorgeous old historic Queenslander houses and the heritage listed Town Hall, to the beautiful old trees that line the foreshore, and the healthy outdoor lifestyle, Sandgate feels more like a small coastal village than the suburb of one of the largest capital cities in the country. The foreshore is a fantastic place to while away a weekend – whether strolling along the waterfront with an ice cream in hand, cycling with the family or picnicking under the shade of one of the beautiful cotton trees, Sandgate is a wonderful place to live – and to grow up! With nearby suburbs Brighton and Shorncliffe within easy walking distance, you’ll have kilometres of shoreline to revel in. Chermside and North Lakes shopping centres are only 15 – 20 minutes away by car, and Brighton Road has all the cute boutique shops and big chain grocery stores you’ll need.

    While the train line makes Sandgate an easy 30 minute commute to the city, the Deagon Deviation is undergoing major road works in the coming months. Unfortunately, sometimes the trip into work may take upwards of an hour so this is something to consider if you’re thinking of making a Sandgate seachange. Apart from that, Sandgate is home to amazing seafood cafes, kite surfers, lovely walks around one of the lagoons, and a host of other great attractions.

    Moving to SandgateBook Xtra Care Removalists – your local furniture removalists – today!

    When moving into a new suburb, it’s important that you book a removalist you can trust. Xtra Care Removalists are your knowledgeable local removalists – we’ll get your possessions to Sandgate safe and sound! With those wonderful old Queenslander homes Sandgate is known for comes a problem – how do you move your heavy furniture up those stairs and through those narrow hallways? You need Xtra Care Removalists – your friendly local removalists who have years of experience navigating Queenslander style homes while keeping your beloved furniture safe. Book Xtra Care Removalists for your new move to Sandgate – it’ll make the process seamless!

    Moving to Sandgate? Contact Xtra Care Removalists for a free quote or call on 0416  351 429

  • Xtra Care: The BEST Removalists Brisbane Northside

    December 27, 2018 | by


    removalists Brisbane Northside


    As removalists covering the Greater Brisbane area, we know that not every suburb is the same when it comes to moving. This is why it pays to use a removalist who is familiar with your suburb; each suburb has its unique challenges and quirks. As removalists for Brisbane Northside, we’ve encountered some challenges unique to the northern suburbs which means a more efficient move for you, moving to or from these areas.

    Challenges faced by removalists on Brisbane Northside

    In the business of moving furniture, we certainly do encounter challenges beyond a table that won’t fit through a door. For example, as removalists in Nundah, a suburb with plenty of midrise unit developments and renovated unit blocks, we’ve dealt with numerous flights of stairs and out of service elevators.
    As removalists in Hamilton, we’ve had to manoeuvre around sharp angled and steep driveways, particularly with large and fragile items like pianos and pool tables. We’ve also dealt with traffic in high-density North Brisbane areas as well as small streets where there’s been limited parking and small turning areas.

    Challenges equal experience

    The more challenges we face in the suburbs of Brisbane means the more experience we have and the more opportunities we have in discovering more efficient ways to move furniture. With every move, challenges or no challenges, we always take as much care as possible; assessing entries and exits, carrying out risk assessments and using the right equipment to have the job done safely and efficiently.

    Helping working families and individuals on Brisbane’s Northside

    In addition to being familiar with the ins and outs of Brisbane’s northern suburbs, we also know that many people living in these areas are working individuals or families, people who aren’t able to move house during business hours. This is why we offer an after-hours service so you don’t have to take time off – so save that precious work leave for a holiday! To make things even easier, we also offer packing and unpacking services if work or other commitments leave you with little time.
    For us, moving is so much more than moving furniture; it’s about understanding every aspect of relocating your life from one place to another before we start, to ensure the utmost care is taken. That’s why we are the preferred removalists for Brisbane Northside customers.

    Looking for reliable and efficient removalists, Brisbane Northside? Contact us for a free quote.

  • Here’s Why You Need To Take Xtra Care When Moving House In Caboolture

    December 15, 2018 | by


    Have you noticed the house is getting a little cramped lately? Maybe you’re considering a move and wondering what suburb will give you and your family more space and a great lifestyle to settle into. If you’re moving house and thinking of changing locations, Caboolture should be top of your list. ‘What?’ I hear you ask, ‘Isn’t that way too far from the city?’ Capital and major cities around Australia are all experiencing the ‘creep.’ The slow creep of houses, townhouses and apartments out from these cities means that Caboolture is really another urban centre just outside Brisbane.

    Caboolture—the place to be!

    The 2016 Census results confirm that people are flocking to this pocket of Queensland, and it’s easy to understand why. Caboolture is close enough for the daily commute to Brisbane, but offers the beauty of the Sunshine Coast just a hop, skip and a jump away. Families are realising that when moving house, Caboolture provides all the amenities a family needs—perfect parks while the kids are young, great shopping options (think of all the savings you’ll make with Costco and North Lakes Shopping Centre nearby) and a public hospital and medical centres in the suburb. As the kids get older, there are not only numerous schools to choose from, but university and TAFE campuses as well (in fact, University of Sunshine Coast can see such potential in the area that the university will be opening another campus in Petrie, just around the corner, in 2020).

    What next?

    Now you’ve made the decision, you need a moving company that will make this move easy and hassle-free. You need a moving company that will take xtra care, not only with your possessions but with your stress levels and budget, too! Despite knowing you’re moving to a great location, moving house can always be a little worrying. Where do I get packing boxes and paper? How much bubble wrap do I need for my glassware? How will I pack the removal truck? How will I drive that truck down those back streets? All the small details add up and before you know it, you’re overloaded. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Moving house made easy

    Xtra Care Removalists are professionals—moving houses day in and day out, they excel at the small details. Bubble wrap? Check. Boxes? Check. Packing and unpacking? Check. Heavy or awkward items? Check. Xtra Care Removalists know the streets around Caboolture and won’t struggle to drive or park a 10-tonne truck with your precious belongings inside. Xtra Care Removalists will take xtra care of you and your family.

    Xtra Care Removalists are your moving house Caboolture specialists. Contact us today for your free quote.