• Need A Moving Company, Sunshine Coast? Here’s What Sets Us Apart

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    The Sunshine Coast is diverse – the hinterland, the suburbs, the beachside.  If you’re moving to this sought after region, it certainly pays to use a moving company Sunshine Coast residents recommend.

    The moving company for Sunshine Coast

    Xtra Care Removalists know the Sunshine Coast.  We know the safest routes through the Sunshine Coast hinterland, we know the quickest and easiest route through Sunshine Coast suburbs, and we’ve also carried out numerous moves in and out of the Sunshine Coast’s many high rise apartments.

    If you’re not a local but are moving to the Sunshine Coast, we will be your guide. We know where new developments and roadworks are and what to avoid. We know that peak hour traffic on the Bruce Highway is a nightmare on weekdays, weekends and during the school holidays and will do our best to avoid the traffic and save you as much time as possible.  

    The extra bits to make your move easier

    Perhaps you live on the Sunshine Coast and have to commute to and from Brisbane, leaving you very time-poor. That’s where we can really help. We offer packing and unpacking services to save you time and supply packing materials including boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

    We’ve got this 

    Are you wondering how all of your belongings, including your prized piano, are going to get from your upper-level beachside apartment to the ground floor in one piece?  We’ve got all the necessary equipment to safely lift, push, pull and lower your belongings, including trolleys, straps, hydraulic loaders, ramps and stair climbers.

    “Awesome service! The guys were quick and knew how to handle our awkward move into an apartment. Made our first time moving into an apartment very easy and stress free! Will be booking again! Thanks guys!” – Brooke Taylor

    Why choose Xtra Care Removalists?

    Of course, you might be wondering why you’d choose Xtra Care Removalists over one of the much larger companies for your Sunshine Coast move. Our difference is the personal service we provide from start to finish. We’re experts at what we do, not just removalists trying to earn some extra cash on the weekends.  We’ve been moving homes and offices for a while and know what it takes to work efficiently.

    Whether you’re moving a short or long distance, we still approach each move in exactly the same way. Maroochydore to Mudjimba or Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, your move is customised to your needs (because no move is the same) and you’ll always be kept in the loop. Most importantly, as a small business, we don’t treat anyone like just another number, we pride ourselves on customer service and being welcoming from start to finish because it’s what everyone deserves.

    Seeking a reputable moving company? Sunshine Coast residents love Xtra Care Removalists. Contact Us for a quote TODAY!


  • Furniture Removalists Brisbane and Beyond – The Xtra Care Difference

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    Furniture Removalists Brisbane and Beyond – The Xtra Care Difference read more

    Whether by choice or necessity, moving home is stressful and anxiety-inducing. In fact, Thrive Global rank moving house at number seven on their list of ten of life’s most stressful events.  When you have no choice in the matter, you simply have to just get on with it but it’s how you ‘get on with it’ that really matters – and when choosing furniture removalists, Brisbane residents should think carefully about which company to go with. The right choice can make all the difference!

    Not all furniture removalists in Brisbane are made equal

    You see, not all furniture removalists are made equal. There are some big removalists where you’ll be made to feel like a number with limited personal service, there are some who will give you a great price but absolutely no customer service and then there are others who you pay hourly to stand around talking and going as slow as they possibly can. In addition to planning your move, packing, transportation, unpacking, cancelling utilities, connecting new ones and the emotional stress of moving from a long time home to a new area, a removalist who’s not completely focused on the customer is the last thing anyone needs for a move.

    How to remove the stress-factor of moving day

    Xtra Care Removalists fill the customer experience gap and go over and above to remove the stress factor from moving home or office. With 10 vehicles in our fleet and availability via email or phone seven days a week, we don’t make it difficult to perform big or small moves nor do we make it hard to discuss them and give you peace of mind.

    We get it – moving home or office is just an inconvenient part of life but, with Xtra Care Removalists, it doesn’t have to be. We have various services available to make a move as convenient as possible, particularly for those who can’t afford to stop running a business, for those who work long hours or those who simply want to save their hard-earned leave for a holiday instead of packing boxes or moving house.

    Xtra Care Removalists offer added convenience with:

    • After hours removal services
    • Professional packing and unpacking services
    • Packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap and tape
    • Pre-move office inspection to plan an undisruptive move


    Check out our full list of services HERE.

    There’s no need to dread moving day with Xtra Care Removalists. You can rely on us to turn up on time, with clear communication before, during and after the move. You can rely on us for expert advice and to work quickly and efficiently but always with the utmost of care for your belongings. Not familiar with your new suburb? Not to worry, our removalists know South East Queensland like the back of their hands.

    And once Xtra Care Furniture Removalists Brisbane have completed your move, it’s not ‘goodbye’ –  follow-up is important to us, too. Customer experience matters – it’s just another way we take Xtra Care of you!

    Keen to experience the Xtra Care difference? Choose the furniture removalists Brisbane can rely on! Call us today on 0416 351 429 


  • Thinking of Moving to Sandgate? Here’s What You Need to Know!

    January 7, 2019 | by
    Thinking of moving to Sandgate? Discover a more relaxed lifestyle with gorgeous sea breezes and a wonderful coastal community vibe.


    Are you thinking of moving to Sandgate? Would you like to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a more relaxed lifestyle with gorgeous sea breezes and a wonderful coastal community vibe? Sandgate is ‘shorely’ the place for you! With wonderful local primary and high schools, a great local pool and library service, and dozens of excellent cafes and restaurants, Sandgate is one of Brisbane’s best suburbs to live in. Read on to find out more!

    Why choose Sandgate?

    Sandgate is a suburb full of character. From the gorgeous old historic Queenslander houses and the heritage listed Town Hall, to the beautiful old trees that line the foreshore, and the healthy outdoor lifestyle, Sandgate feels more like a small coastal village than the suburb of one of the largest capital cities in the country. The foreshore is a fantastic place to while away a weekend – whether strolling along the waterfront with an ice cream in hand, cycling with the family or picnicking under the shade of one of the beautiful cotton trees, Sandgate is a wonderful place to live – and to grow up! With nearby suburbs Brighton and Shorncliffe within easy walking distance, you’ll have kilometres of shoreline to revel in. Chermside and North Lakes shopping centres are only 15 – 20 minutes away by car, and Brighton Road has all the cute boutique shops and big chain grocery stores you’ll need.

    While the train line makes Sandgate an easy 30 minute commute to the city, the Deagon Deviation is undergoing major road works in the coming months. Unfortunately, sometimes the trip into work may take upwards of an hour so this is something to consider if you’re thinking of making a Sandgate seachange. Apart from that, Sandgate is home to amazing seafood cafes, kite surfers, lovely walks around one of the lagoons, and a host of other great attractions.

    Moving to SandgateBook Xtra Care Removalists – your local furniture removalists – today!

    When moving into a new suburb, it’s important that you book a removalist you can trust. Xtra Care Removalists are your knowledgeable local removalists – we’ll get your possessions to Sandgate safe and sound! With those wonderful old Queenslander homes Sandgate is known for comes a problem – how do you move your heavy furniture up those stairs and through those narrow hallways? You need Xtra Care Removalists – your friendly local removalists who have years of experience navigating Queenslander style homes while keeping your beloved furniture safe. Book Xtra Care Removalists for your new move to Sandgate – it’ll make the process seamless!

    Moving to Sandgate? Contact Xtra Care Removalists for a free quote or call on 0416  351 429

  • Xtra Care: The BEST Removalists Brisbane Northside

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    removalists Brisbane Northside


    As removalists covering the Greater Brisbane area, we know that not every suburb is the same when it comes to moving. This is why it pays to use a removalist who is familiar with your suburb; each suburb has its unique challenges and quirks. As removalists for Brisbane Northside, we’ve encountered some challenges unique to the northern suburbs which means a more efficient move for you, moving to or from these areas.

    Challenges faced by removalists on Brisbane Northside

    In the business of moving furniture, we certainly do encounter challenges beyond a table that won’t fit through a door. For example, as removalists in Nundah, a suburb with plenty of midrise unit developments and renovated unit blocks, we’ve dealt with numerous flights of stairs and out of service elevators.
    As removalists in Hamilton, we’ve had to manoeuvre around sharp angled and steep driveways, particularly with large and fragile items like pianos and pool tables. We’ve also dealt with traffic in high-density North Brisbane areas as well as small streets where there’s been limited parking and small turning areas.

    Challenges equal experience

    The more challenges we face in the suburbs of Brisbane means the more experience we have and the more opportunities we have in discovering more efficient ways to move furniture. With every move, challenges or no challenges, we always take as much care as possible; assessing entries and exits, carrying out risk assessments and using the right equipment to have the job done safely and efficiently.

    Helping working families and individuals on Brisbane’s Northside

    In addition to being familiar with the ins and outs of Brisbane’s northern suburbs, we also know that many people living in these areas are working individuals or families, people who aren’t able to move house during business hours. This is why we offer an after-hours service so you don’t have to take time off – so save that precious work leave for a holiday! To make things even easier, we also offer packing and unpacking services if work or other commitments leave you with little time.
    For us, moving is so much more than moving furniture; it’s about understanding every aspect of relocating your life from one place to another before we start, to ensure the utmost care is taken. That’s why we are the preferred removalists for Brisbane Northside customers.

    Looking for reliable and efficient removalists, Brisbane Northside? Contact us for a free quote.

  • Here’s Why You Need To Take Xtra Care When Moving House In Caboolture

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    Have you noticed the house is getting a little cramped lately? Maybe you’re considering a move and wondering what suburb will give you and your family more space and a great lifestyle to settle into. If you’re moving house and thinking of changing locations, Caboolture should be top of your list. ‘What?’ I hear you ask, ‘Isn’t that way too far from the city?’ Capital and major cities around Australia are all experiencing the ‘creep.’ The slow creep of houses, townhouses and apartments out from these cities means that Caboolture is really another urban centre just outside Brisbane.

    Caboolture—the place to be!

    The 2016 Census results confirm that people are flocking to this pocket of Queensland, and it’s easy to understand why. Caboolture is close enough for the daily commute to Brisbane, but offers the beauty of the Sunshine Coast just a hop, skip and a jump away. Families are realising that when moving house, Caboolture provides all the amenities a family needs—perfect parks while the kids are young, great shopping options (think of all the savings you’ll make with Costco and North Lakes Shopping Centre nearby) and a public hospital and medical centres in the suburb. As the kids get older, there are not only numerous schools to choose from, but university and TAFE campuses as well (in fact, University of Sunshine Coast can see such potential in the area that the university will be opening another campus in Petrie, just around the corner, in 2020).

    What next?

    Now you’ve made the decision, you need a moving company that will make this move easy and hassle-free. You need a moving company that will take xtra care, not only with your possessions but with your stress levels and budget, too! Despite knowing you’re moving to a great location, moving house can always be a little worrying. Where do I get packing boxes and paper? How much bubble wrap do I need for my glassware? How will I pack the removal truck? How will I drive that truck down those back streets? All the small details add up and before you know it, you’re overloaded. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Moving house made easy

    Xtra Care Removalists are professionals—moving houses day in and day out, they excel at the small details. Bubble wrap? Check. Boxes? Check. Packing and unpacking? Check. Heavy or awkward items? Check. Xtra Care Removalists know the streets around Caboolture and won’t struggle to drive or park a 10-tonne truck with your precious belongings inside. Xtra Care Removalists will take xtra care of you and your family.

    Xtra Care Removalists are your moving house Caboolture specialists. Contact us today for your free quote.

  • Furniture Removals Ipswich Qld

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    Furniture removals in Ipswich

    Ipswich is booming, properties are affordable, there are great schools, and there’s so much to do here for young and old, but before you get to Ipswich, you’ve got to get through the move! Moving to Ipswich, across Ipswich or away from Ipswich has its unique challenges thanks to the abundance of heritage homes, narrow housing estate streets and flood history. When arranging Furniture Removals in Ipswich Qld, it certainly pays to use a company like XtraCare Removalists who understand the unique features of the suburb.

    Furniture Removals Ipswich

    If you’re lucky enough to be moving into (or moving out of) one of the beautiful Victorian, Federation or Queenslander homes that populate the inner city of Ipswich, it’s essential to understand some of the limitations these old beauties have when it comes to moving. Thankfully, that’s where XtraCare Removalists come in to help you; we are experienced Furniture Movers in Eastern Heights and surrounding heritage areas including Woodend, Coalfalls, Sadliers Crossing and Newtown; we know the extra care these old homes need when moving in and out.
    Before we undertake furniture removals in Coalfalls and the other surrounding character areas, we take full consideration of the style and condition of the property before providing you with a quote. Unlike modern homes that typically have a lovely wide sliding door somewhere on the property, old properties usually have limited entry and exit routes comprised of small doorways and almost always difficult stairs to climb at the front and back of the property.
    Don’t get caught in a pickle when moving time comes! We highly recommend that instead of making a ‘guestimate’, you measure your furniture and the doorways, hallways and staircases of the new property prior to organising a removalist. If those measurements tell you that some pieces simply won’t fit, you’ll need to make a decision about whether this furniture will make the move with you or not.

    Stairs can be tricky for Ipswich Removalists

    Where many old Ipswich properties have been beautifully restored, some are in poorer condition, and therefore we must carry out a risk assessment before lifting any heavy items such as fridges or fragile pianos up and down a frail staircase. Many of these old properties are raised which means the only method of access is via front or rear stairs.
    Before moving into an old home, we always recommend you have the structure assessed before setting up very heavy furniture inside. It also pays to consider if the stairs will be wide enough to carry large items.

    Flinders View, Yamanto and Brassall Removals

    Engaging a removalist in Brassall can prove to be a somewhat different moving experience to that of the older suburbs. Where the challenge in older suburbs is often the age and style of house, Brassall’s challenge is the narrow streets in the suburb’s many housing estates. We can encounter similar challenges with Flinders View removals and Yamanto removals. Like Brassall, they mostly have modern brick housing and their housing estates can also be quite tight which can be a bit of a rabbit warren for cars, let alone trucks.
    In this case, we find it helpful to secure a spot for the truck beforehand by parking your car or cars on the street to reserve a spot and moving them when we arrive. Alternatively, consider asking your neighbours if a truck can park across their driveway.

    Ipswich School Zones

    Most inner Ipswich suburbs have schools, and the streets surrounding these schools can become quite chaotic during the morning and afternoon. If your property is close to a school, we recommend avoiding a move during this time if possible, for safety purposes. We find there can be many children, parents and teenagers walking or riding home from school and many cars parked along the street, increasing the risk of an incident while trying to remove belongings from the truck and making it difficult to park the truck.

    Ipswich Flood Zones

    Ipswich has seen its fair share of floods over the years and experiences periods of heavy rain and storms during the warmer months. As removalists in Tivoli and other previously flooded suburbs including Booval and North Ipswich, we have seen the devastation this flooding has caused and recommend checking the Ipswich Flood Maps before moving into an Ipswich property so you can determine how to store your belongings safely. Homes in the flood zone, particularly close to the Bremer River, are at risk of inundation during heavy rainfall and so, if possible, you should consider storing precious items where they won’t get damaged.
    In addition to flooding, some of the older stump homes like Queenslanders can be prone to water seepage under the house due to poor drainage. Old homes can also be subject to damp. To be on the safe side, we recommend clients store soft furnishings or anything that can get damaged, off the ground. If you have belongings that you intend to store indefinitely, ask us about our packing services so you can have peace of mind that your items are stored away safely and free from damp air. Alternatively, we have a great mobile storage solution coming soon for those belongings that don’t have a home just yet.

    Ipswich Weather

    There’s no doubt about it, moving to Ipswich in the middle of summer is tough but we understand that there’s often no choice in the matter. Ipswich is usually at least three degrees higher in temperature than Brisbane during summer so we recommend continuous hydration and escaping to open spaces with a breeze where you can recover.
    Hot tip: Make sure the water is turned on at your new place!
    With this suburb becoming a popular place to live, reliable and trustworthy furniture removals in Ipswich are highly sought after. Don’t trust just any removalist to carry out your move. At Xtra Care, we know Ipswich and are experienced professionals who hold the safety and care of your house, your furniture, your belongings and your community in high regard.

    For a family-owned company that considers every aspect of Furniture Removals in Ipswich Qld, contact XtraCare Removalists TODAY!