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Furniture Removals Ipswich Qld


Furniture removals in Ipswich

Ipswich is booming, properties are affordable, there are great schools, and there’s so much to do here for young and old, but before you get to Ipswich, you’ve got to get through the move! Moving to Ipswich, across Ipswich or away from Ipswich has its unique challenges thanks to the abundance of heritage homes, narrow housing estate streets and flood history. When arranging Furniture Removals in Ipswich Qld, it certainly pays to use a company like XtraCare Removalists who understand the unique features of the suburb.

Furniture Removals Ipswich

If you’re lucky enough to be moving into (or moving out of) one of the beautiful Victorian, Federation or Queenslander homes that populate the inner city of Ipswich, it’s essential to understand some of the limitations these old beauties have when it comes to moving. Thankfully, that’s where XtraCare Removalists come in to help you; we are experienced Furniture Movers in Eastern Heights and surrounding heritage areas including Woodend, Coalfalls, Sadliers Crossing and Newtown; we know the extra care these old homes need when moving in and out.
Before we undertake furniture removals in Coalfalls and the other surrounding character areas, we take full consideration of the style and condition of the property before providing you with a quote. Unlike modern homes that typically have a lovely wide sliding door somewhere on the property, old properties usually have limited entry and exit routes comprised of small doorways and almost always difficult stairs to climb at the front and back of the property.
Don’t get caught in a pickle when moving time comes! We highly recommend that instead of making a ‘guestimate’, you measure your furniture and the doorways, hallways and staircases of the new property prior to organising a removalist. If those measurements tell you that some pieces simply won’t fit, you’ll need to make a decision about whether this furniture will make the move with you or not.

Stairs can be tricky for Ipswich Removalists

Where many old Ipswich properties have been beautifully restored, some are in poorer condition, and therefore we must carry out a risk assessment before lifting any heavy items such as fridges or fragile pianos up and down a frail staircase. Many of these old properties are raised which means the only method of access is via front or rear stairs.
Before moving into an old home, we always recommend you have the structure assessed before setting up very heavy furniture inside. It also pays to consider if the stairs will be wide enough to carry large items.

Flinders View, Yamanto and Brassall Removals

Engaging a removalist in Brassall can prove to be a somewhat different moving experience to that of the older suburbs. Where the challenge in older suburbs is often the age and style of house, Brassall’s challenge is the narrow streets in the suburb’s many housing estates. We can encounter similar challenges with Flinders View removals and Yamanto removals. Like Brassall, they mostly have modern brick housing and their housing estates can also be quite tight which can be a bit of a rabbit warren for cars, let alone trucks.
In this case, we find it helpful to secure a spot for the truck beforehand by parking your car or cars on the street to reserve a spot and moving them when we arrive. Alternatively, consider asking your neighbours if a truck can park across their driveway.

Ipswich School Zones

Most inner Ipswich suburbs have schools, and the streets surrounding these schools can become quite chaotic during the morning and afternoon. If your property is close to a school, we recommend avoiding a move during this time if possible, for safety purposes. We find there can be many children, parents and teenagers walking or riding home from school and many cars parked along the street, increasing the risk of an incident while trying to remove belongings from the truck and making it difficult to park the truck.

Ipswich Flood Zones

Ipswich has seen its fair share of floods over the years and experiences periods of heavy rain and storms during the warmer months. As removalists in Tivoli and other previously flooded suburbs including Booval and North Ipswich, we have seen the devastation this flooding has caused and recommend checking the Ipswich Flood Maps before moving into an Ipswich property so you can determine how to store your belongings safely. Homes in the flood zone, particularly close to the Bremer River, are at risk of inundation during heavy rainfall and so, if possible, you should consider storing precious items where they won’t get damaged.
In addition to flooding, some of the older stump homes like Queenslanders can be prone to water seepage under the house due to poor drainage. Old homes can also be subject to damp. To be on the safe side, we recommend clients store soft furnishings or anything that can get damaged, off the ground. If you have belongings that you intend to store indefinitely, ask us about our packing services so you can have peace of mind that your items are stored away safely and free from damp air. Alternatively, we have a great mobile storage solution coming soon for those belongings that don’t have a home just yet.

Ipswich Weather

There’s no doubt about it, moving to Ipswich in the middle of summer is tough but we understand that there’s often no choice in the matter. Ipswich is usually at least three degrees higher in temperature than Brisbane during summer so we recommend continuous hydration and escaping to open spaces with a breeze where you can recover.
Hot tip: Make sure the water is turned on at your new place!
With this suburb becoming a popular place to live, reliable and trustworthy furniture removals in Ipswich are highly sought after. Don’t trust just any removalist to carry out your move. At Xtra Care, we know Ipswich and are experienced professionals who hold the safety and care of your house, your furniture, your belongings and your community in high regard.

For a family-owned company that considers every aspect of Furniture Removals in Ipswich Qld, contact XtraCare Removalists TODAY!