Posted on December 15, 2018 in Moving House, Suburbs

Here’s Why You Need To Take Xtra Care When Moving House In Caboolture


Have you noticed the house is getting a little cramped lately? Maybe you’re considering a move and wondering what suburb will give you and your family more space and a great lifestyle to settle into. If you’re moving house and thinking of changing locations, Caboolture should be top of your list. ‘What?’ I hear you ask, ‘Isn’t that way too far from the city?’ Capital and major cities around Australia are all experiencing the ‘creep.’ The slow creep of houses, townhouses and apartments out from these cities means that Caboolture is really another urban centre just outside Brisbane.

Caboolture—the place to be!

The 2016 Census results confirm that people are flocking to this pocket of Queensland, and it’s easy to understand why. Caboolture is close enough for the daily commute to Brisbane, but offers the beauty of the Sunshine Coast just a hop, skip and a jump away. Families are realising that when moving house, Caboolture provides all the amenities a family needs—perfect parks while the kids are young, great shopping options (think of all the savings you’ll make with Costco and North Lakes Shopping Centre nearby) and a public hospital and medical centres in the suburb. As the kids get older, there are not only numerous schools to choose from, but university and TAFE campuses as well (in fact, University of Sunshine Coast can see such potential in the area that the university will be opening another campus in Petrie, just around the corner, in 2020).

What next?

Now you’ve made the decision, you need a moving company that will make this move easy and hassle-free. You need a moving company that will take xtra care, not only with your possessions but with your stress levels and budget, too! Despite knowing you’re moving to a great location, moving house can always be a little worrying. Where do I get packing boxes and paper? How much bubble wrap do I need for my glassware? How will I pack the removal truck? How will I drive that truck down those back streets? All the small details add up and before you know it, you’re overloaded. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Moving house made easy

Xtra Care Removalists are professionals—moving houses day in and day out, they excel at the small details. Bubble wrap? Check. Boxes? Check. Packing and unpacking? Check. Heavy or awkward items? Check. Xtra Care Removalists know the streets around Caboolture and won’t struggle to drive or park a 10-tonne truck with your precious belongings inside. Xtra Care Removalists will take xtra care of you and your family.

Xtra Care Removalists are your moving house Caboolture specialists. Contact us today for your free quote.