Posted on February 10, 2019 in Moving House

Moving House in Caloundra –What We Know About Where You Want to Go

If you’re moving house in Caloundra, you need to choose the right people to help out. Here’s what you need to know about where you’re going –and how you’re going to get there!

Caloundra truly is the jewel in the crown of the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Blessed with gorgeous, calm beaches (and some surf beaches too) with a relaxed almost counter-culture that says NO to the hustle and bustle of the bigger towns, it’s the perfect spot to unwind and spend a lifetime.If you’re moving house in Caloundra, you’ll wantto know what’s available for families, couples and singles alike. Here’s what we know about where you’re going.

Honey, we’re moving to Caloundra!

Caloundra itself is a mecca for sun-seeking tourists who want a carefree vibe and affordable holiday options. While Caloundra has that in spades, it’s also an excellent place to settle down and start to grow your roots. Moffat, Kings and Shelly Beach all offer great opportunities to unwind and enjoy the very best of costal living. They’re littered with divine eateries, unique shops and play spots that make the heart sing (without hurting the wallet). There are schools and many employment opportunities in this growing locale. The suburb of Aroona is a key spot for growing families that promises eventual access to the proposed rail line from Beerwah to Maroochydore. This is a great area that shows a lot of growth potential.Caloundra West contains a retirement village as well as Unity College. Little Mountain holds within its borders a number of neighbourhood parks and a bushland reserve, while Caloundra South is expanding quickly with master-planned community development on the horizon.

Corridor to the Sunshine Coast

Caloundra is beautiful but if you’re looking for a day trip to somewhere further afield, it’s a great position to have as your home base.Mooloolaba’s Sea Life (formerly Underwater World) is a tourist attraction that has surprised and delighted families for generations. The weaving underwater walkway, the touch pools of sea life, the seal show and the play area combine to make this a fantastic destination and a cool way to spend a day.Heading up the Sunshine Coast, you’ll have access to Maroochydore, and further afield, Noosa and all that it entails as a destination. Perfect in summer, gorgeous in winter. The Sunshine Coast truly is God’s country.

Moving house in Caloundra

You need removalists who know where they’re going –and not just in a navigational sense! Choose a company that truly listens to and understands the individual requirements of your move -not someone who’ll just throw your belongings in and wave good bye. Choose a company with local ties and local interests at heart.

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