Pianos. They’re an extra special piece of furniture that deserves the utmost time and attention when being moved. Not only because they’re fragile and oversized, but because, more often than not, pianos hold many a story within them. Your piano may have been passed on to you by a beloved relative or been with you for decades since you started playing it as a child. Maybe your family gathers around it to sing Christmas carols. Or perhaps you’re buying a piano for it to start a new life in your home. Whatever story your piano holds, Xtra Care Piano Removals Brisbane are committed to protecting it as if it were your baby.

All Types of Piano Removals Brisbane

Upright Pianos, Pianolas, Organs, Digital Pianos, Baby Grand Pianos and Grand Pianos; as Piano Removalists in Brisbane, we’ve moved them all. We understand the importance of knowing exactly what type of piano we are moving in terms of size and weight as this impacts on the way they are lifted and the number of people needed to conduct the move. We are also one of the few Grand Piano Removalists in Brisbane; we have the specialised equipment and large trucks to cater for the move of these majestic beauties.

The Careful Piano Movers in Brisbane

We don’t just do home removals. Wherever your piano is, we are the piano movers in Brisbane that can move it – across the road, upstairs, downstairs, from room to room or building to building. From schools, music venues, piano teachers, music retailers – even if you bought a piano off Gumtree. Simply provide us with the details, and we’ll arrange a quote and the right equipment to get the job done – and of course, your piano moved safely.

Pool Player, Not Pianist?

Perhaps you’re not much of a pianist but a keen pool player. Your pool table is the pride and joy of your pool room. We treat pool tables and all other large, fragile removals in the very same way we do pianos, with extreme care.

Pool player or pianist? CLICK HERE to contact us about your piano or pool table move!

How We Care for Fragile Removals

Fragile removals are tricky and risky, particularly if you don’t have the right equipment. At Xtra Care Removalists, we are fully equipped for piano and pool table removals, Brisbane and surrounding areas.
• Various sized trucks to suit large pianos and pool tables
• Fully enclosed trucks
• Blankets and plastic covers
• Straps to keep covers in place
• We wear gloves for grip
• Trolleys (we do not move your piano or pool table on its castors, these are for decorative use only)
• Trolley straps
• Piano cases when pianos need to be transported on their side
• Hydraulic loader on our vehicles
• Trolley ramps
• Stair climbers
Moving large items like pool tables and especially pianos is a process that requires a slow and steady approach with the right equipment and piano moving know-how. Tempted to move it yourself? Avoid injury and damage by calling Xtra Care. We are fully insured and will make moving one of your biggest possessions feel like the smallest worry during the move.

We guarantee your piano will make the move unscathed. Call us for a quote!