• Watch Out For These Traps When Reading Brisbane Removalists Reviews!

    November 23, 2018 | by

    Looking for the best Brisbane removalists? Reviews can tell you quite a lot! Here’s what to beware of. A savvy customer like you likes to prepare ahead of time. You organise removal dates well in advance and you get everything packed up and boxed up tight instead of leaving everything to the last minute. You know that moving can be stressful and you want the process to be made as easy as possible.
    But have you read up on your Brisbane removalists reviews? How do you know the company YOU chose will do the job you’ve asked them to do?
    Here’s a guide on what to beware of when it comes to choosing removalists, Brisbane Northside.

    Timing getting blown out

    Lots of Brisbane removalists reviews will discuss time. As the customer, you’re locked into moving on a specific day at a specific time. You negotiate a two-hour window and then sit, ready to go, for… HOURS and HOURS.
    Some removalist companies really don’t seem too fussed by how stressful your moving day is or the impact that it has on your plans if your waiting time gets completely blown out. Technicians are held up, the friends and family helping you are inconvenienced and you’re anxious and worried.
    Many removalist companies seem to stick to specific hours of business which doesn’t allow a lot of flexibility for busy families and couples. XTRACare Removalists have extended hours of operation which allows you to live your life to the fullest while leaving your precious belongings in safe, professional hands. The team members involved in your house moving operation have been hand picked AND receive regular performance reviews – so you know they’re good!

    Rough handling

    What was that crash?! Watch out for the Brisbane removalists reviews that talk about personal items being squashed, smashed and trashed by uncaring teams. Soft things ruined underneath hard and sharp items, crockery thrown in the back of the truck and artwork damaged!
    XTRACare Removalists like to give their clients little extras. They’re full of surprises like providing extras for safe packing (think bubble-wrap and packing boxes), a packing service and an unpacking service when you get to the other end! Too easy.

    Piling on the stress

    Read those reviews. Phone calls unanswered? Miscommunication? Huge waiting times? Damage? Arriving unprepared? All of these things are stresses that you just don’t need! Bigger companies don’t care about little guys like you – shop around until you find the company that will go the extra mile to make your big day a breeze.

    Read the Brisbane removalists reviews? Now choose a company who cares about you. Contact XTRACare Removalists Today For Your Free Quote! 

  • The Removalists Brisbane Checklist for Moving House

    November 5, 2018 | by

    A comprehensive moving house checklist by removalists on Brisbane Northside who know how to move without hassle.  You don’t have fond memories of moving house. Your last move had you run off your feet trying to move house all by yourself with a rental truck. You injured your back trying to lift the couch, a very valuable family heirloom was broken, scratches were left on walls while you desperately tried to manoeuvre around corners and you were still transporting stuff by car at midnight. It’s not surprising that you have reservations about moving again, nor is it surprising that you’re considering removalists on Brisbane Northside to help you out on your next move.
    It’s all about how you prepare for a move and the little extras that can make a move relatively hassle-free.

    Have a moving house checklist

    Stop relying on your memory to remind you of what you need to do for a smooth move and use a moving house checklist instead. In fact, just print this checklist right now.

    6-8 Weeks before the move

    • Arrange your move with XTRACARE Removalists Brisbane Southside or Northside and request extras like boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap so you can start packing
    • Purchase pens and labels
    • Create a file to record everything associated with the move including receipts for the removalist, cleaners, repair men etc.
    • Contact the real estate to confirm when you need to pick up the keys for your new home as this will determine the exact move date
    • If you need temporary storage, contact local storage facilities
    • Arrange any mail redirection with Australia Post
    • Roughly draw up plans of your new house and what will go in each room
    • Pack boxes according to your plans
    • Do a big declutter and donate, sell or throw out unnecessary items
    • Arrange a skip bin for your big clean out
    • Plan and schedule any repairs that need to be carried out

    2-4 Weeks before the move

    • Finalise your move with XTRACARE Removalists
    • If you have children, arrange for friends or family to take care of them on the day of the move
    • If you have pets, arrange for friends or family to take care of them on the day of the move
    • Arrange for your utilities to be disconnected and reconnected (Phone, Internet, Electricity, Gas)
    • Update your pet’s registration with the local council
    • Arrange home & contents insurance on the new house
    • Create an inventory of all the items you have so you can check them off on moving day
    • Start packing items that you will not need over the next 2-4 weeks. Aim for one box a day. Use things like tshirts and towels to wrap breakable items
    • Start labelling boxes room by room
    • Brightly label boxes containing valuable items and ensure they’re bubble wrapped well.
    • Create a box of essentials for those things you will need on moving day
    • Confirm with your solicitor or conveyancer as to when your property will be settled
    • Arrange for a cleaner if you’d prefer not to do it all yourself
    • If your carpets need cleaning, arrange for these to be steam cleaned
    • Arrange for time off work if you plan to do the work on a work day

    The week of the move

    • Make a schedule for the day of the move so things go smoothly
    • Confirm the arrival time with XTRACARE Removalists
    • Make sure essential items like the vacuum cleaner, mop, screwdrivers, tape etc. are handy
    • Defrost your freezer and fridge the day before the move
    • Create a box or bag with essential items like documents, snacks, water bottles, pens, paper etc.
    • Set aside any boxes such as valuables you will transport yourself
    • Disassemble furniture

    The day of the move

    • Disassemble your bed and pack away bedding
    • Check off all items from your inventory list as they go into the truck
    • Conduct a walk through and check that everything has been taken
    • Confirm the new address with XTRACARE removalists
    • Take your important documents with you in the file
    • Lock up the house

    At the new house

    • Check that the utilities have been connected
    • If you are renting, check the inspection report against the current state of the house, take photos and make notes
    • Clean and vacuum where necessary
    • Assemble and make beds first
    • Start unpacking in the kitchen
    With this moving house checklist and the help of XTRACARE Removalists Brisbane Northside and Southside, you can avoid further injury, irreplaceable breakages and being driven to the brink of madness and instead, simply enjoy your new home.

    Keen for a hassle-free move and looking for removalists, Brisbane northside? CLICK HERE to contact us for a quote.