Posted on February 28, 2019 in Moving House

How Well Do You Really Know Your Local Movers

How Well Do You Really Know Your Local Movers Brisbane?

It’s moving day and you’re stressed. Rain is imminent and your movers are late. There’s nothing quite like being behind schedule before the day has even begun.Just when you think you have every last detail arranged and ready to go, you are left twiddling your thumbs wondering if your local movers in Brisbane are actually going to show up. You’ve called, no answer. You’ve left messages, no answer. All you can do now is wait.

Not all removalists are equal

We’ve spoken about it before, researching your removalist anreading all the reviews is crucial. And yet, so many customers come to us because they have posted in Facebook groups looking for a cheap job from Joe Blow with a Ute, only to be left disappointed and scrambling for last minute local removalists that can get the job done. Xtra Care saves the day! 

Xtra Care Removalists understand budget and time constraints as well as treating your property with the respect and care it deserves. We pride ourselves on this.  

Moving day horror stories

We recognise that you want reassurance from your removalist that your antique furniture is not going to be damaged and your couch is not going to be torn by a broken mirror that’s just been thrown on top. Here are a few horror stories we have heard from customers about ‘cheap’ movers in Brisbane.

  • The movers didn’t show up even after paying the deposit
  • Charged extortionate extra costs after the move
  • Only showed up with one man and required help from customer
  • Was hours late with no communication or explanation
  • It rained so the removalist decided that they would not attend the job and cancelled on the day
  • Property and walls were damaged by removalists with no compensation or attempt to fix

Your go-to local movers Brisbane

Knowing the areas of Brisbane and surrounds is vital in delivering top quality moving services. Your removalist needs local knowledge of the buildings and streets for accessibility and limitations of the area. tra Care understands that not everything will always go according to plan on moving day but our dedication to customers, affordability and work ethic is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our team is committed to making your relocation easy and stress-free. Xtra Care Removalists are your local movers Brisbane trusts!

Don’t wait until a worst case scenario happens to you, get a FREE quote from Xtra Care Removalists today!